Ayur Treatment

Ayurvedic Clinical Treatments

Abhyanga : Medicated oil massage.

Swedana : Inducing sweat with medicated steam.

Choorna pinda sweda or Powder pouch fomentation : Sudation with dry or unctuous pouch containing medicinal powders.

Valuka sweda or Sand fomentation : Type of dry fomentation with pouch of sand.

Patra potala sweda or Leaf pouch fomentation : Fomentation with pouch of herbal leaves.

Jambbera pinda sweda or Lemon-pouch fomentation – Formentation with pouch of chopped and lemon with herbs

Njavara or Rice pouch fomentation: Sudatiion with pouches containing buses of cooked medicated and antioxidant rice. The rice is cooked with milk and decoction of sida roots.

Upanaha or poultice : type of regional sudation by bandaging the medicine with/without heating it.

Kaaya seka or body irrigation : Procedure in which warm oil or decoction is poured on the body or specific part for a stipulated period in a specific manner.

Nasyam : Nasal administration of medicated oil or decoction or powder.

Dhanyamla- dhaara or Acetic irrigation : Body irrigation done with acetic liquids.

Ksheera baashpa or Milk steam : Fomentation using the steram of boiling herbalised milk.

Karee vasthi or Lumbar retention : Local unctuous Fomentation where warm oil is kept at lumbar area like an oil dam for a prescribed time.

Siro abhyanga or Indian head massage

Siro dhara or Irrigation on scalp : Pouring medicate oil, medicated decoction, medicated buttermilk on the forehead with proper frequency of oscillation, duration and distance.

Siro pichu or Oil pad on head : Cotton plug dipped in oil to be placed on vertex.

Udvarthana or upward powder massage : Application of medicated powder with or without any liquid media .This is done mainly to reduce fat and kapha.

Kashaya vasthi or medicated decoction enema

Snehavasthi or medicated oil enema

Uttaravasthi or vaginal enema

Vaginal pad and vaginal douche

Treatment Packages

Pain care package : Include neck and back pain package, fibromyalgia package, arthritis package and migraine package.

Circulatory and Neuropathy package : Varicose vein package and diabetic neuropathy package.

Femme care package : PCOD and fertility package, menopause package and weight reduction package.

Stress relieving package : include stress reduction package and sughanidra package or sound sleep inducing package.

Panchakarma package

Where Can I Find a Holistic Health Practitioner?

We have a range of holistic doctors at our alternative health clinics at locations around Melbourne. Our clients can find us at the following suburbs:

• Malvern (from 2000)
• Langwarrin (from 2005)
• Carrum Downs (from 2015)

If you live close to one of these suburbs, you’ll be able to find one of our clinics near you. Just look for the name Jaima Heart of Healing to get the best in holistic care for optimal health and wellness.

Start Your Path Towards Wellbeing

If you’ve tried many things in Western medicine to treat your condition without success, alternative therapies could be worth a try. We can work with your existing treatment team to provide additional benefits and relief of symptoms. We also treat conditions at the root cause for long-term change.

To find the right holistic health practitioner for you, call us today on:

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