Organic Products

Jaima has a range of organic products for body care, skin care and cosmetics (all chemical-free).

The philosophy of Jaima Ayurveda and our primary objective is to offer the purest, best quality products we can to provide safe and healthy products at an affordable price for every family.

Our products are formulated from naturally occurring organic ingredients. There are not any harmful chemicals in our products.

Did you know that when you apply something to your skin such as a moisturiser or shampoo to your scalp, many of the ingredients make their way into your pores and through your bloodstream?

A simple exercise you can do to prove just how efficiently our bodies absorb external preparations is to rub a freshly cut clove of garlic on the sole of your foot. Within moments you will taste the garlic!

You need to understand what you are putting on your skin and hair!

Look in your bathroom cupboards; read the labels on your shampoos, moisturisers, cleansers, soap alternatives, baby products etc… look at all those long chemical names… SCAREY STUFF! If we can’t pronounce them, we’re certainly not going to use them.

If we can increase public awareness, help you make simple changes away from the harsh chemical alternatives abundant in our stores, then we are doing our little bit to contribute to the environment and enhance your quality of life.

Compare what we are supplying and join the increasing number of people who regularly enjoy and benefit from our natural plant based products. It’s not hard to see which is the better choice for you and those you care about.

You can find all detail information regarding our products in our website

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